our services include:

Project Management

Concept Design

Specification Development

Coding / Programming

Web Development

Do you need access to a particular skillset for a short period of time? Don’t want the hassle of a lengthy recruitment process for just a few months’ worth of work? Skeptical about working with unproven freelancers?

staff.guru could be the service you have been looking for. We provide technical staffing solutions for coding and web related development work for short term project needs.

You get a dedicated account manager who understands your project needs and manages them from end to end. Why stop at a single short term employee? Many companies outsource their projects completely to staff.guru.

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A lot of our clients come to us with an idea – a business product that needs to be built from the ground up.

Just point us in the direction you want to go and we will get you there.

We have the necessary experience to bring together a diverse team with the necessary skill set to make your ideas a reality.


Good ideas can often get lost in translation. Many businesses make the mistake of starting the development of a new project before nailing down a detailed specification.

We have a small team of experienced product development specialists who can help you nail down a tight specification that not only defines your idea but also prevents cost blowouts later on in the delivery of the project itself.

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Did you know that there are over 250 programming languages in the world? We don’t know all of them but we have worked with more than 100 and have programmers on staff who are ready to start coding your next project today.

Whether it is starting from scratch or picking up where someone else left off – we have you covered.

Need a coder for a few days or a few months – staff.guru is your go to team for quality coding solutions.


We specialise in custom web based applications. If you are building a team to build your next web app – we have you covered.

Any project from a static website to a full web app. We have a specialist E-commerce team on hand as well.

We can put a team together at short notice for any aspect of a web project – coders, testers, content specialists – just ask.

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