the brief:

Our client had an idea for an e-commerce plugin that would incentivise shoppers to use online shopping sites, increase sales and reduce the number of abandoned carts.

The Challenges

The client posed us the challenge – how do you create an elegant solution that will allow companies to simply integrate the concept into any payment gateway / online store.

Given the sheer number of e-commerce sites out there, it was initially a daunting concept to craft a solution that was essentially a “one size fits all” scenario.

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The Skill Set

This is primarily a technical task requiring skills in common web languages and experience with payment gateways / shopping cart protocols. The client engaged a very small team from with the necessary skills to nurture the product from idea through to completion.

We provided project management, product development, coding and design skills.

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The Result?

In the course of our work, the client identified other products to build on the work we performed on the plugin. The client is now moving into being an e-commerce provider and we are presently working on a store concept.

The client is now working closely with several large international shopping sites to integrate the technology we developed into their stores.

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